Best & Worst

The Best & Worst in Travelbest & worst

Best & worst? Yep, that’s right folks. We’re sharing the downsides too! Why? Well, because we all know that travel isn’t all good, all the time and the best travel advice includes the honest truth.

All anyone wants to talk about is how great their trip was. But, what about the things that went wrong? Wasn’t their anything they wish they would have done differently? Weren’t there any downfalls they wish they would have known ahead of time?

As much as we all love to travel, whether it’s for the delicious food, the unique culture, the beautiful landscape, the rich history, or the amazing adventure, there’s always some negative aspects to any destination. No matter how wonderful the place or how great the experience, there’s always some things that we love and some things that we don’t.

Here’s a non sugar-coated, honest opinion of what we loved and didn’t love about the countries we’ve visited so far. Hopefully these posts will help you know what to really expect on your next trip.



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