Bands and Lands – Travelin’ Stiles’ Fresh Marriage Secret

fresh marriage

How do these nomads maintain a fresh marriage?

I’ll begin by explaining “Bands and Lands”. It’s a deal Rob and I made with each other when we first started dating. Neither of us can really pinpoint exactly where or when this deal came about, but we both agree that our weird little deal has played a big part in paving the path of our relationship and our lives. Maybe it was while cliff jumping into a Mayan cenote on our first trip abroad together, way back in 2005. Perhaps it was while lying in the grass under the Space Needle at our first music festival together (Bumbershoot 2004 – where we watched the pre-fame Black Keys pack their own gear). Arguably it was just during a typical Saturday morning of us dancing in our PJ’s to our blaring iPod (yep, we’ve been together so long that we pre-date Spoitfy).

So what is this “Bands and Lands” deal all about?

fresh marriageIt all started because Rob had an infatuation with music, while I had an undying desire to travel. When we first started dating we shared these passions with each other. We both instantly fell in love with each other’s hobbies. For every live band Rob introduced me to, I promised to take him to a new land, and vice versa.

Now, more than 14 years later, we have a shoebox full of concert tickets and two passports loaded with stamps. After all the bands and all the lands we’ve shared together, there’s simply no turning back. Not only has this deal kept our relationship exciting, it has left no doubt in our minds that we are better together. The only thing more fun than looking back on all the memories of the concerts we’ve been to and trips we’ve taken, is looking forward to all the bands and lands we’ve yet to discover.

Regardless of where or when, the deal was made, it has always reminded us to do what makes us happy. Bands and Lands is constant reminder to support each other’s dreams. We even had it inscribed on the outside of our wedding rings “For every band” and “For every land”, so we’ll never forget. Long story short, Rob and I keep our marriage fresh with the promise of live bands and new lands. Now, we are human, so of course we’ve had our fare share of relationship blunders. This promise is one thing we have really succeeded at though. We’ve lost count on who owes who, but we have not lost site on what really matters. We make sure to keep doing what makes us happy.

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