Umauma Falls Experience…Must or Bust?

umauma falls

The Island of Hawaii, aka The Big Island is known for its beautiful Kona-side beaches, massive Mauna Kea, lava-flowing Kilauea, and its many beautiful Hilo-side waterfalls. Umauma Falls might just be the prettiest of Hilo-side’s many wonderful waterfalls…maybe even Hawaii’s most spectacular falls. Unlike many other waterfalls, Umauma Falls is on private land. This means you have to pay to see them. So with so many other free waterfalls nearby, is it worth the entrance fee??? ABSOLUTELY!!! Umauma Falls is a must while on the Big Island! No matter your activity level, The Umauma Experience has something for you.

Umauma Falls

umauma fallsDon’t worry, your entrance fee to see the 3 tiered Umauma Falls will not break the bank. At just $10 per person, this has got to be one of the cheapest experiences you can have in Hawaii. Yes, you can go to Rainbow Falls, Boiling Pots, and Peepee Falls for free, and Akaka Falls for just a couple dollars a head, but trust us when we say that Umauma Falls is the most magnificent of all the falls. Not only are the falls beautiful, but the property is beautifully maintained, complete with a peaceful garden you can stroll through at your own pace. If you have limited mobility, no need to worry. You can drive right on up to the lookout of the famous 3 tiered falls, and/or go enjoy a coffee or snack overlooking the river on visitors center’s back patio (or as Hawaiian’s would say, “lanai”).

If you’re looking for a little more excitement, but not too much, you can book a River Swim and Kayak Experience tour. This is more of a float around in one of the many natural pools, beautifully backdropped by lush jungle and a gorgeous waterfall. You can chill in a kayak, float on a SUP, or if you’re feeling daring climb up for either a 15 foot or a 23 foot cliff jump. The great thing about the Umauma Experience, is you get to choose your level of involvement. No matter how much energy you’re willing to exert, you can find your own perfect way to enjoy Umauma’s natural beauty.

umauma fallsUmauma Falls Ziplining

If walking a few steps to a large lookout, getting zen in a garden, or floating around in a pool is too low energy for you, why not try seeing the falls from above? Reserve a spot on one of the Umauma Ziplining tours, and you’re in for a high flying, rootin’ tootin’ good time. 9 ziplines…adding up to 2 miles of flying…over 14 waterfalls…along the Umauma River. As if ziplining isn’t enough, you’ll have stunning jungle, river, and even ocean views. They have a couple different ziplining tours on offer, so as long as you’re not scared of heights, there’s really no going wrong. From toddler to grandma, this is an adrenaline pumping activity the whole family can enjoy.

Umauma Falls Rappel & River Experience

umauma fallsHave you had enough rest and relaxation laying on the beautiful beaches of Kona? Does flying through the air over 14 waterfalls sound too low energy for you? Do you want to put a little work into an unforgettable experience that will really spice up your Hawaiian vacation? The Umauma Falls Rappel and River Experience will get your adrenaline pumping, give you an up close and personal view of many of the Umauma River’s waterfalls, and really send your love of Hawaii over the edge.

Start your unforgettable journey on a high note, with a 250 foot rappel down in the canyon. Then, as you make your way down the river, there’s no shortage of hair raising moments during this 3.5 hour tour. Surrounded by lush green jungle, there’s simply no better way to truly experience all that the falls have to offer. Don’t just look at the falls…feel the falls! Rappel down the falls. Slide down the falls. Then wrap it all up by jumping 23 feet over the falls. Check out our video from our amazing canyoning experience at Umauma Falls and see what it’s really all about.

umauma fallsWhy is Umauma Falls a Must?

  1. The river, falls, and property are all simply stunning!
  2. The facilities are top notch!
  3. The staff could not be more friendly!
  4. The gear is great!
  5. The activities are beyond fun!
  6. The views are unbeatable!
  7. You’re bound to get awesome photos!
  8. This is a unique way to experience nature!
  9. And, don’t forget, you’re in Hawaii! So, do as the locals do and hang loose!


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