The Places We’ve Been & The Things We’ve Seen

Traveling to new destinations can be as intimidating at it is exciting. But it doesn’t have to be.

Planning a trip can be down right hair raising. But we plan to change that for you.

There’s simply too much information available at our fingertips these days. Where do you start? Why not take the advice of a couple of “experts”?

OK, maybe we’re not experts, but we sure do have a lot of experience. We’ve been on the road for more than 4 years and have visited over 60 countries. It’s been one hell of a trip! We’re hoping that all of our amazing adventures, complete with our many mistakes, will help us help you.

Get inspired as you follow us on our journey across Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Americas. Then, get out there and experience new travel destinations of your own!


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