“T.I.A. – This is AFRICA”

Traveling Africa can be as brutal as it is rewarding. Africa will provide unparalleled experiences, while pushing even the most seasoned traveler to their limits.

Spend enough time there and you’ll learn T.I.A. is a way of saying anything and everything is possible and impossible at the same time. Throw your rules out the window, because the only thing you can predict in Africa is unpredictability.

Africa’s mystique lies in it’s wild nature and it’s friendly people. You will encounter an animal kingdom unlike any other and meet people who’s smiles are as warm as the African sun.

The diversity of people, terrain, wildlife and experiences on offer are unrivaled. You can safari with wild animals in Namibia or drink wine with foodies in South Africa. You can experience Christianity at it’s most holy in Ethiopia or break bread with Muslims on the island of Zanzibar. This, my friends, is Africa!


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