“Must Be Nice!”…to Travel Full Time

travel full timeIf one more person tells me “Must Be Nice”, I might explode

I don’t know why people feel obligated to respond to me with “Must be nice!” when they hear that I travel full time. I want to believe it’s a nod of support, but it often feels like a condescending judgement. Do they think I’m some magical unicorn that shits gold? I’m not. I’m a regular girl from a blue collar family. I married the son of 2 police officers. By no means are Rob and I rich. We just made different choices. Instead of spending our hard-earned cash keeping up with the Joneses, we put backpacks on our backs and boarded a plane headed somewhere else.

Our life might sound romantic and luxurious, but trust me, it’s far from that. Yes, we have lived and traveled abroad for the past 4 years. But in those 4 years we have slept in tents, cars, hostels and worse. We’ve survived catastrophic earthquakes and endured gnarly ailments. Everything we own is smelly, tattered, and either duct taped or sewn together. We have picked grapes, taught English, and done some heart-wrenching and back-breaking volunteer work. This “dream” that Rob and I are living would be many people’s nightmare…but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Traveling across 6 continents has not all been fun and games. We’ve made a lot of sacrifices…but gained more than I can begin to explain.

Want to travel full time?

Know this before thinking “Must be Nice”:

  • It is nice! I’m happy with and proud of the choices I’ve made. Nothing comes easy in this life. I had a dream to travel full time. I worked and am still working very hard at making that dream come true.
  • There are NO special circumstances that have allowed me to travel full time. I am extremely lucky that I’m from a country that happens to be one of the easiest passports in the world to travel with. Millions of you are just as lucky as I am. It’s up to you to take advantage of this priceless opportunity you have been given.
  • If you want to know how I’ve been able to afford traveling full time for so long, don’t hint at me being lucky. Just ask me how I’ve done it. I’ll tell you how lucrative teaching abroad is and how awesome an Australian working visa can be. I’d love to give you tips on how to eat, sleep, and travel on the cheap.
  • If my life sounds like a nightmare – I get it! But if my life sounds like a dream, don’t waste your time being jealous. Make it your own dream-come-true. If you want to travel, you can! It’s beyond possible! This is exactly why we started our blog, so we can inspire you. To tell you you this can be your life too. Laozi, a famous Chinese philosopher, once said “A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” Let us nudge you to take that first and hardest step.
  • The world is full of possibilities. Decide which ones you want, and make them happen!



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