The Best & Worst of Croatia

traveling croatia

What we loved about Traveling Croatia…


When traveling Croatia, it doesn’t take long to realize everything is gorgeous! Croatia has some of the most stunning natural landscapes I’ve ever laid eyes on. The calm Adriatic is unbelievably clear and blue. Add rugged white rock cliffs, holding up ancient towns into the mix and the coastline becomes mesmerizing. Then there’s the waterfalls. Plitvice Lakes and Krka National Parks offer unbeatable water features in the form of shocking blue lakes and stunning waterfalls. Croatia has beauty awaiting around every curve.

Camping Culture:

The camping culture makes traveling Croatia super easy, affordable and fun. However, camping grounds in Croatia are like posh mega-resorts, with restaurants, super markets, recreation rentals, and the best beach front property. Yes, most people are staying in their RVs, but almost all the campgrounds also offer tent sites, as well as cabins. Like hotels, there is a wide range of luxury on offer, but the thing that’s so awesome is that no matter where you go in the country, there are a multitude of camping options for you to chose from. I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend a summer than hanging our with a bunch of other like minded travelers on the shores of the Adriatic.


Have you heard of a Dutch Oven? Well, let me tell you about Croatian Peka. Peka looks and acts like a Dutch Oven, except Pekas are used with the heat source on top. This leaves a space between the food and the heat allowing for perfectly cooked meals. Lamb and octopus are probably the two most traditional forms of Peka, aka “meals under the bell”. When it comes to Peka, you simply can’t go wrong. The meat is the most tender and flavorful meat I’ve ever eaten, and the veggies that cook along with the meat are beyond tasty! You have to order this slow cooked delicacy a day in advance, but trust me it is well worth the wait.

What we didn’t love…

Too Much to Do/See:

Croatia is actually not a very big country, but it is impossible to do and see everything this country has to offer. It’s very hard to pick and chose between the all the awesome islands, beautiful beaches, adorable seaside cities, stunning waterfalls, and on and on. Once you start researching all that Croatia has on offer, paring down your activities into a reasonable length itinerary seems like an impossible task. We meant to spend a couple of weeks in Croatia and wound up spending 5 weeks there. And we still didn’t do everything we wanted to do! I get it, this is a great problem for a country to have, but it is not a fun problem for ambitious travelers to deal with.

Rocky Beaches:

While absolutely stunning, the beaches in Croatia do have 1 major drawback. There’s no sand – it’s all rocks. Some beaches have more warn down pebbles while other have big, sharp rocks. Sand is not an option here. So what does this mean? Well, it means you have to be prepared. A sarong or towel isn’t going to cut it – you need a padded beach mat. And don’t even think about a barefoot beach stroll. Get yourself some form of water shoes – I know it’s not sexy, but trust me, it will make your Croatian beach going experience so much more comfortable!

Germany South:

Traveling Croatia is sort of a national past time for Germans. No matter where you go in Croatia, you’ll meet more Germans than Croatians (in the summer anyway). Now, I have no problem with Germans – I’ve had a ton of fun over many beers with them. I’d just like to have fun with Croatians when I’m in Croatia. The sheer number of Germans invading Croatia each summer makes it somewhat difficult to have an “authentic Croatian experience”.

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