The Best & Worst of Morocco

traveling morocco best and worstTraveling Morocco

What we loved…

Diversity of Landscape & Activities – You simply cannot get bored when traveling Morocco. Each city is unique and awesome in their own right. From the tanneries of Fez and the medina of Marrekech to the Blue City of Chefchaouen and the fish markets of Essaouira, you’ll love it all. And talk about a diverse landscape! You can hike the Atlas mountains, cross the Sahara on camelback, surf the famous waves of Taghazout, or explore the lush palmeries of Moroccon Oases. Plus there are waterfalls, movie studios, casbahs, gardens, palaces, etc. to explore. Morocco has a little something for everyone!

Fresh Juice & Dried Fruit – A fresh squeezed juice will cost you an arm and a leg in the western world, so take advantage of Morocco’s insanely cheap juice squeezed to order. Orange, grapefruit, avocado, banana, strawberry, watermelon, you name it they can juice it. And the dried fruit…I can’t explain it, but they are better than any dried fruit you’ve ever tried. Do yourself a favor and get yourself some figs, dates, apricots, and an assortment of nuts as your snack stash while traveling Morocco.

Shopping – Moroccan cities are literally built around markets. I guarantee you’ll get lost in any and all medinas. But it’s a shopping experience you’ll never forget. The colors, the smells, the people – this is one maze you want to get lost in…for a while anyway. From beautiful rugs and stunning lamps to technicolor spices and unique tea sets, you better leave some space in your bag when traveling Morocco. And know that negotiating is one of Morocco’s national pastimes.

What we didn’t love…

Sketchy Local Men – Obviously not everyone is sketchy, but unfortunately you’re sure to encounter a fair share of lying, thieving, sexist locals. If they’re not literally reaching into your pockets, they’re scheming to get you money somehow. Whether it’s leading you to the center of a maze and asking for money to lead you back out or trying to sell you hashish, keep your eye out for the local men. This isn’t so much a problem outside of the big cities, but stay vigilant. And girls, yes, they’re sexist pigs – do your best to ignore it.

Bland Food – In a land known for their spices, expect bland meals. It’s not that the food is bad, it’s that they’re not generous with their spices. Anything from a traditional tagine or grill will be moist and perfectly cooked, but lacking flavor. Perhaps the colorful local spice markets and spicy Americanized Moroccan food I’m used to set me up for disappointment.

Road Conditions – We’ve been to a lot of third world countries and driven countless miles along terrible roads, but Morocco takes the cake. Roads marked as “highways” on Google Maps and really good local maps would suddenly turn into 4WD only dirt paths. Narrow city streets would dead end with no warning, leaving you to “Austin Powers” your way back out of there. We could not recommend road tripping Morocco more, but expect it to be rough at times. There will be scary drop offs, potholes, livestock crossings, and some of the worst drivers sharing the road with you.

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