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Traveling Singapore

What we loved…

Well Governed – I’m not sure there is a better governed country in the world. Sure, it’s less than 200 years old and just one city – making it far more manageable than most countries, but that’s besides the point. They have done a damn fine job of creating a prosperous, clean country where everyone is watched out for. All Singaporeans seems happy and taken care of. Singapore is clean, safe, and organized. Traveling Singapore is like visiting a prefect utopia.

Ease of Getting Around – A side note of what I just mentioned above, but worth noting on its own. Traveling Singapore is beyond easy! Getting anywhere on public transportation is simple! The subway is easy to figure out, affordable, well planned, not over-crowded, and spotless! Singapore is a traveler’s dream come true.

Green Space – You would almost expect Singapore to be one giant concrete jungle, but it’s not. They’ve done an awesome job maintaining and creating green space. From the totally unique and free light shows at the Supertrees and awesomely distinct climates in the biodomes at the Gardens by The Bay to the lovely hike up Southern Ridges Walk. From well maintained beaches to marshland boardwalks. There’s plenty of nature to escape to right in the shadows of the city.

What we didn’t love…

Cost – Singapore is expensive! From food and drinks to accommodation, you’ll rack up quite a hefty bill real quick. And there’s really no other option. I guess the only good news about this for travelers is that this is one of the few countries where you really can see it all in a very short amount of time. Consider Singapore for an extended layover between cheaper destinations.

Sorry folks, we just don’t have any other complaints! Singapore is expensive, but great!

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