Best Places to Take Photos in Toronto

Heading to Toronto? Want the best pictures to highlight your trip on social media? People tend to geo tag their pictures with the location of the subject, but that doesn’t exactly help you figure out where they took the photo. Look no further. I’ve explored the city and found the best places to take photos in Toronto. Now, I’m sharing the locations with you!!! If you’re not much of a reader, no worries, I’ve highlighted a few of these spots in a video.

10 of the Best places to take photos in Toronto:

Prettiest Daytime Toronto Skyline Shot

best places to take photos in Toronto

Riverdale Park East – Not just a great place for a picnic in summer or some sledding in winter, Riverdale Park East offers one of the best views of the city skyline. With unobstructed views and a foreground of lush green grass and trees, Riverdale Park East is by far one of the best places to take photos of Toronto’s iconic cityscape.

Weirdest Hidden Gem

best places to take photos in Toronto

Leslieville’s Weird Dollhouse – Unique, odd, and colorful, Leslieville’s Weird Dollhouse is truly one of a kind. And what makes for great social media posts – something that people have never seen before. A little whimsical, a lot creepy, this strange hidden gem is as photogenic as they come.

Cutest Art Installment

best places to take photos in Toronto

Distillery District Love Locks -From Pont de Arts Bridge in Paris, France to Namsan Tower in Seoul, South Korea, lovers have been locking their love all over the world. Toronto adds its own love locks in an adorable modern art fashion on  Tank House Lane in their cool old brick distillery district.

Hippest Urban Scene

best places to take photos in Toronto

Parliament Square Park – How can a kids playground be the hippest urban scene? Trust me, once you see the colorful mural with a beautiful message that acts as a backdrop to a basketball court you’ll get it. And when you realize the CN Tower and its neighboring Toronto skyscrapers are perfectly aligned in the background, you’ll see why this little neighborhood park is one of the best places to take photos in Toronto.

Best Romantic Escape From the City’s Concrete Jungle

best places to take photos in Toronto

Sugar Beach – A beach in Toronto, who knew? Next to a working sugar refinery, and right on Lake Ontario, this white sand beach is adorably adorned with pink umbrellas and white Adirondack chairs. A great place to cool down, relax, and of course…one of the best places to take photos in Toronto.

Most Photogenic Architecture

best places to take photos in Toronto

Toronto’s very own Flatiron Building…The Gooderham Building – Perhaps not quite as famous as it’s southern neighbor, New York’s Flatiron Building, but picture perfect nonetheless. The best place to snap a pic of this architectural beauty is across the street from its narrow side at the intersection of Church and Front Streets.

Sweetest Selfie Spot

best places to take photos in Toronto

Toronto Sign in front of City Hall – What trip is complete without an obligatory selfie? Head on down to Toronto’s City Hall to take your selfie with it’s famous TORONTO…be sure to get the maple leaf in there too!

Most Colorful Backdrop

best places to take photos in Toronto

Graffiti Alley – Talk about a color explosion! Graffiti Alley is actually a series of painted and tagged alleyways. Constantly evolving, this urban gem in Toronto’s Queen West neighborhood is the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot.

Rad View from Above…Not the Best Photo Though

best places to take photos in Toronto

Top of the CN Tower – The CN Tower is the star of the Toronto skyline, so this is not the place for the best cityscape. It sure is a rad view from above the city though. My recommendation – be sure you go on a clear day, then head up just before sunset. This way you can get some daytime, sunset, and nighttime shots from Canada’s tallest building. Now, this one almost didn’t make the list because all the views are enclosed by either glass or a net. The only way to get out from the enclosure is to do the Edge Walk…but you can’t bring your own camera on that. Your best bet is to press your lens right up against a clean section of the window to limit glare. In other words, while great for views – this is not necessarily great for pictures.

Best Location for Night Reflection Shots of the CN Tower and Toronto Skyline

best places to take photos in Toronto

Toronto Island Park – Centre Island – Now this is where you want to head to capture Toronto’s most famous building…and a great place to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Right next to the Centre Island Ferry Dock are a number of great vantage points of the city, with Lake Ontario in the foreground. Again, I recommend getting here right before sunset to get some shots during the day and while the sky turns pink at sunset. But the best time is once the city lights come on and are reflected in the water. Use a tripod and slow down your shutter to get that silky water look.

I would not suggest trying to hit up all these spots in one day, but you can definitely check them all out in a weekend. Here’s a map of all the 10 of these best places to take photos in Toronto.

best places to take photos in Toronto

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