Hudson Valley Brewery: Bold Brews in Upstate NY

hudson valley brewery

Hudson Valley Brewery: Edgy Beer, just off Main Street, USA!

Right between a stream that feeds into the Hudson River and Main Street in Beacon, New York you’ll find Hudson Valley Brewery. As you arrive, HVB has the feel of a lot of other breweries out there. A hip, minimalist warehouse full of people, pups, and brewing equipment. But, don’t judge this book by it’s cover. These guys are turning out beers with awesome names like Ultrasphere and Planetary Heart. The names are out of this world and truth be told, so are the beers. Focusing mostly on IPAs and sours, HBV has flavor profiles from the future.

hudson valley brewery
Hudson Valley Brewery’s current digs.

But the potential of Hudson Valley Brewery doesn’t stop with the beer. Founder John-Anthony Gargiulo has a vision for beer in Beacon and he’s found the spot to do it. Their current warehouse location will continue to house the brewing operation, but the tasting room will be moving to new digs. Sitting at 7 East Main Street in Beacon is a super cool old factory building. John-Anthony and his team are going to transform this historic factory building into a tasting room and event space. It’s going to be an awesome place to sample and swill beer.

While the renovation of 7 East Main is still coming down the pike, HBV is busy producing beers that will have you and your friends talking. I think you’re going to be hearing a lot from these guys as they start to make their name in the beer world. Their beers are playful, fun, unique and interesting. All the brews have balance, and are crafted with intention and care.

So, without further adieu…

Here’s my review of the 7 Hudson Valley Brewery Beers I tasted:

hudson valley breweryFeel No Way – ABV 5%

This is a playful pilsner great for session drinking. Light citrus notes highlight a mellow overall flavor. This is a beer I’d pick up at the store when I’m not feeling super inspired with my beer choice….yet still want to drink good beer.

Bobby’s Brew Review Score – 3.0

Pillow Hat – ABV 4%

The Pillow Hat has an amazing nose, led by aromas of lime and fresh cut grass. However, I found the nose to be more pleasant than the flavor. That said, this is a great warm weather beer that can be oh so refreshing under the sun.

Bobby’s Brew Review Score – 3.75

Ultrasphere – ABV 6%

This beer is simply awesome. We visited the day after HVB hosted a can release of this stunner. It’s a beer like neither Kari or I have ever tasted. It’s a sour IPA which is something you don’t see to much of. With the strong hop presence of the IPA and the tartness of a sour, it’s amazing this beer works at all. But, with great risk come great rewards. These guys have pulled off a masterfully balanced flavor explosion that will have your taste buds skyrocketing into the Ultrasphere!

Bobby’s Brew Review Score – 5.0!!!

Thread Count – ABV 8%

I’m not an IPA lover, so when it comes to double IPAs, I’m not one to dole out praise. But, the HBV Thread Count is impressive. Incredibly drinkable at 8% ABV, Thread Count balances full hop flavor with some seriously sweet notes. The description sites, “Peach Sorbet, Blue Raspberry Push Pops, and coconut cream pie”. If it sounds like a mouthful, it is. However, I encourage anyone to try this beer simply because it’s extremely interesting.

Bobby’s Brew Review Score – 4.0

Incandenza – ABV 6%

They call this a sour IPA (similar to the Ultrasphere). Pulled off stunningly, the balance of this brew makes it a favorite for a hop head or a sour lover. A unique brew for sure. Something you should definitely try to get your hands on and give it a go.

Bobby’s Brew Review Score – 4.5

Planetary Heart -ABV 5%

This is a farmhouse sour, aged in oak and flavored with vanilla beans. Just so interesting and smooth, despite packing the pucker power of a true sour. There are tons of complex flavors happening in this brew, and it’s been well balanced by the brewer. Sour lovers should try to get a taste of the Planetary Heart.

Bobby’s Brew Review Score – 4.5

Silhouette – ABV 5%

Look, I’m not afraid to put a little OJ in my beer. I’ve had my fair share of “Crazy Horse” or “Brass Monkey” in my day. The Silhouette takes this combo to a classy place. This is a the first true “brunch beer” I’ve tasted. It’s incredibly drinkable and a fine substitute if bubbly and juice aren’t for you first thing in the AM.

Bobby’s Brew Review Score – 3.5

hudson valley breweryHudson Valley Brewery has personality. I like that. Their beers set the tone with playful and adventurous flavors in colorful packaging. While blending sours and IPAs isn’t what everybody’s doing, yet… it seems the craft beer world is moving in that direction. HBV is out in front of the trend and I hope to see big things from them in the future.

Check out our video review of HBV right here!

Big shout out to John-Anthony for hosting us. He and his crew have big plans for the future. We congratulate them on their current success and wish them luck going forward. If you’re in upstate New York, make some time to get down to Beacon and check out Hudson Valley Brewery before they blast off into the Ultrasphere!


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  1. October 10, 2017

    Seems like a cool little place with some cool beers! With TBEX NA being in upstate NY next September, this could be a cool spot for travellers to take in. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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