2 Breweries Under 1 Single Roof: Mehana and Hawaii Nui Brewing

Mehana & Hawaii Nui Brewery in Hilo

2 Lines of Beer in one Place. Mehana Brewing & Hawaii Nui Brewery in Hilo, Hawaii

Looking for a brewery in Hilo, HI? Look no further than Mehana Brewing and Hawaii Nui. It might not be what you’re expecting (yet!), but their beers are worth the experience.

We often find ourselves sampling, drinking and enjoying beer in the confines of breweries that are based around not only the beer but the brewpub atmosphere. We love that and we love that culture. But, it’s fun every once in a while to brush that vibe aside and drink beers in the heart of a production brewery. That’s exactly what we did when we paid a visit to Mehana Brewing and Hawaii Nui Brewing in Hilo, Hawaii.

brewery in hiloThese 2 labels coming out of one facility were once two different companies that have merged. In fact, Hawaii Nui was on the Island of Kaua’i before joining with Mehana and moving all the production to Hilo on the Island of Hawaii. With the brewery in Hilo, these guys are focused on production and distribution. They currently allow customers to do tastings, purchase takeaway beers and growler fills at a tiny taproom at their facility. That won’t be for long.  A brewpub in Hilo is coming soon.

For now, they’re cranking out 9 solid, light bodied beers made for drinking in the heat of the islands. They keep a variety of beer styles in the rotation, but have brewed them with lighter bodies to make them drinkable in the hot Hawaiian climate.

Check out our video of our time at Mehana and Hawaii Nui!

Getting down to brass tacks, here’s how I rated the 9 beers we sampled at the Mehana & Hawaii Nui brewery in Hilo!

(Scores are based on my opinion and are rated on the Untappd rating scale 0-5)

Mehana and Hawaii Nui Brewery in HIlo

Mehana Brewing Beers

Mehana Brewery in HIlo


 Humpback Island Lager – ABV 3.8%

Seems like the quintessential anytime drinker. Great light body with some tasty earthy notes and a true brightness. It’s an easy drinking beer that goes down smooth in any beer drinking scenario. Bobby’s Brew Review – 3.5

Mauna Kea Pale Ale – ABV: 5.4% IBU: 42

I’d call this an entry level IPA with amazing balance. If you want to tip-toe into drinking IPA this “pale ale” has plenty of hop flavors. It’s a nice alternative to a heavier IPA with the island heat. Also, this is the head brewer’s favorite beer. Bobby’s Brew Review – 3.75

Tsunami India Pale Ale – ABV: 7.2 % IBU: 72

You’ll taste all 15 pounds of the Amarillo and Centennial hop mixture in this one. A full flavored, well balanced, hop forward IPA that you can drink anytime, anywhere. Pound a few if a tsumani is headed your way…it could be your best bet!? Bobby’s Brew Review – 4.0

Volcano Red Ale – ABV: 5.2% IBU: 22-24

This is another favorite of the head brewer, Adam. It’s creamy with all those malty, caramel notes you love in your amber. It’s ultra light and ultra smooth – a great red ale in the hot hot heat.  Bobby’s Brew Review – 3.75

Hawaiian Crow Porter – ABV:5.25% IBU: 27

This rare light bodied porter is named after the equally rare Hawaiian crow, or “alala”. For as light and smooth as this beer is, they’ve found a way to keep all the porter flavors and richness intact. This is a beer that’s won medals, and I can see why. Bobby’s Brew Review – 4.25

Hawaii Nui Beers

Hawaii Nui Brewery in Hilo


Kaua’i Golden Ale – ABV:4.9%

This light ale comes in a bit hotter than the Mehana Humpback Island Lager with its 4.9% ABV. Incredibly sessionable with bold beer flavors. This is a great everyday drinker. You can count on this buggah. Bobby’s Brew Review – 4.0

Sunset Amber Ale – ABV: 5.45%

I really dug this beer. Malty and caramelly but still light and drinkable, especially when watching an epic Hawaiian sunset. Hilo’s not the best place for sunsets, but take some of these sessionable ambers to the Kona side to watch the show and you’ll be sitting pretty. Bobby’s Brew Review – 4.0

Hapa Brown Ale – ABV: 6.4%

They’ve taken the traditional English Brown ale and toned the body down to fit the tropical climate. It doesn’t miss a beat. Pure genius. This beer has won a few medals for the company. Well, done gents. Bobby’s Brew Review – 4.0

Southern Cross Double Belgian Red Ale

Named for the Southern Hemisphere’s North Star, I’m going to say this beer’s out of this world. I loved it. Big Belgian style, flavored with banana and jackfruit notes, mellowed by the malty red body. And coming in at 8.3%, I’d let the Southern Cross guide me home any night of the week! Bobby’s Brew Review – 4.75!!!

Hit up this brewery in Hilo!!!

There it is!!! 2 beer lines in one brewery under 1 single roof. This brewery in Hilo is bounding toward great things with awesome beers already in cans on grocery store shelves, and a brewpub facility coming in the near future.

Big thanks to Scott and Adam for hosting us during our visit to Mehana Brewing and Hawaii Nui Brewing. I want you guys to know I’m going to bed after writing this thinking about that Southern Cross.

Check out the video from our visit to Mehana and Hawaii Nui on our YouTube Channel. Subscribe to keep up with all our beer-ventures! Cheers!!!

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