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Real Beers in a Real Barn

spada farmhouse brewery

Well worth the Trip: Spada Farmhouse Brewey

Spada Farmhouse Brewery is the real deal. On land that’s been in the Spada family since 1912, you’ll be drinking farmhouse style beers in an actual barn. But don’t worry, you won’t be sipping sours next to livestock. This 1956 big red barn has gotten a full makeover to make a comfy cosy taproom ready for drinking, relaxing and even watching the big game.

The upstairs taproom is a great place to meet with friends over a tasty sour beer that’s the speciality here at Spada. It’s also a family friendly location with boardgames and wifi to keep kids entertained. They allow BYO picnic, which is always nice. They even have cornhole equipment so you and your mates can take your beers outside for some friendly competition. The surrounds of the farmhouse are pastoral and quiet as quiet can be. There’s a real sense of calm sitting in the yard with a beer in hand. It’s a cool new place to unwind.

It will take a bit of time and effort to get out to one of Snohomish County’s newest brew operations, but it’s well worth it. Recently opened in July 2017, Spada is off the beaten path and still in it’s infancy as a taproom. However, John Spada’s farmhouse style saisons and sours have been in Snohomish County taprooms curling tongues and puckering faces for over a year. I say that with adoration because I like me a some sour beer. If you’re a sour person, you need to add Spada Farmhouse Brewery to your list ASAP. Currently, Spada Farmhouse Brewery features 4 sours, 3 saisons, an IPA, and a barrel aged Belgian Dark Ale.

Now, let’s get into the brews and breakdown how I felt about each of the 9 Spada Farmhouse Beers:

Spada Farmhouse Brewery Beer Lineup

spada farmhouse brewery

French Creek Saison – ABV 5.5%

This is a nice summer brew. Very light in body and feel on the tongue. Kari compared it to a “not sweet cider”. Good for warm weather and outdoor drinking. However, I also found it a bit light in taste and a tad unbalanced for my liking. Bobby’s Brew Review Score: 2.5

FC Lime Saison – ABV 5.5%

Similar in body and feel to the French Creek, this citrus saison was more enjoyable for me. I liked the essence of lime which made it quite refreshing and more interesting than the French Creek. The balance wasn’t there for me in this one either. I bet John get’s this one dialed in over the next few batches and we’ll have a hit on our hands. Again, I’d drink this when the sun’s out. Bobby’s Brew Review Score: 3.0

Hibiscus Saison – 5.5% ABV

This is a really nice drinking floral/fruit beer. Very light in body, but full on flavor. This is a great choice for your friend who likes to go to breweries but doesn’t like beer. John mentioned to us that it is often compared to a rosé wine. I think that’s accurate. However, “Hibiscus Saison All Day” doesn’t have the same ring as “Rosé All Day”. Bobby’s Brew Review Score: 3.0

3 Lakes IPA – ABV 6.5%

spada farmhouse breweryFor the record, I’m not an IPA lover or hopped up brew enthusiast. Which is probably why I really enjoyed this IPA. It’s soft on the hops, but they are still there and play quite nicely. This is a very accessible IPA which I enjoyed drinking. Great departure from the hop forward IPAs we see in and around the region and still comes in at 6.5% ABV. Bobby’s Brew Review Score: 3.0

Forte Peach Sour – 6.2% ABV

Here’s where John Spada really starts showing off. This baby is a punch in the mouth – in a good way. A sour beer for sour lovers for sure. However, some nice balance here and some sweetness on the finish, making it a great sipper. The peach has been their best selling beer since they started distributing as well as in the taproom. This is a great beer and everyone who makes it to the brewery should give this one a spin. Bobby’s Brew Review Score: 4.0

Cervoise d’Emily (cherry sour) – 6.8% ABV

This brew, named after John’s fiance, is a beauty. However, I’d like it to be noted that my tasting notes are describing the beer and not Emily. I really liked the dark body and earthiness of this sour. Some of the puckering sour bite is replaced with a gamey/yeasty flavor that gives this beer some personality and makes a really interesting sour. It gives drinkers a different profile in the line of beers. I like this one a lot. Bobby’s Brew Review Score: 4.0

Dusk Plum Sour – 6.5% ABV

The brewer felt this is his most well executed beer. I totally agree. The Dusk Plum Sour is balancing the bite of the sour, the earthiness of the style and the nutty sweetness of a plum.This is a very calm sour and just an excellently balanced beer all around. I feel like I could drink a few of these in one sitting. Definitely the best showing beer in the lineup. Bobby’s Brew Review Score: 4.5

Boysenberry Sour – 6.8% ABV

A very nice balance with the sweet and tart here. It’s not quite as complex as the cherry, peach or plum sours. I found it to have the least personality of the sours. Yet, it’s definitely a drinkable and tasty beer. Bobby’s Brew Review Score: 3.5

Rye Barrel Belgium – 8.2% ABV

If you’ve read my other reviews or seen the videos that accompany them, you know I like dark beers with the pumped up ABV! So, naturally this was my favorite (while not my highest scoring). I respect the sours, but Belgian style dark beers are my weakness. This is rich, dark and complex. It’s got a nice woody earthiness to it from the barrel aging. The rye flavors are subtly marbled into this tapestry. A really, really nice beer. Bobby’s Brew Review Score: 4.0

spada farmhouse breweryWhat I loved about Spada Farmhouse Brewery

It’s that it’s a unique venue with an equally unique lineup of beers. Everything here is really well done, from the European country style barn taproom to the intriguing lineup of ales. These guys are definitely worth the trip down the country road out to the family farm! Bring the family, bring your dog, pack a picnic, and enjoy some delicious beer.

We loved it so much in fact we did a kickass video to go along with this blog. Check it out on your YouTube Channel!

Thank you to John and his sister Sarah for hosting us at Spada Farmhouse Brewery. We look forward to our next visit!

Thanks and cheers!


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