Purple Haze Lavender Farm in the Evergreen State…Must or Bust?

purple haze lavender farm

OK, so you’ve seen all the stunning pictures of endless purple rows of lavender in France. Are  you wishing you could go see it for yourself? No worries. You don’t have to hop the pond to wander amongst lavender. Washington’s Olympic Peninsula has its own lavender haven. That’s right, Sequim (pronounced, Sk-wim) is home to a number of lavender farms offering a variety of goods and activities. We did a little research and scouted the area before deciding on spending our sunny afternoon at Purple Haze Lavender Farm.

Why Is Purple Haze Lavender Farm So Cool?

purple haze lavender farmSo why’d we pick Purple Haze Lavender Farm? Um…because they have the coolest name and the cutest location. Anyone hip enough to name their farm after a Jimi Hendrix song, is bound to have a pretty rad setup that I want to see for myself. Not only does the name Purple Haze pair perfectly with the purple guitar string-esque rows of lavender, but Hendrix, the king of the electric guitar, hailed from just across the Puget Sound in Seattle.

Wanting to make sure we got the full experience at Purple Haze Lavender Farm, we contacted the owner to see just how cool this Hendrix fan really is. Not only did he respond immediately, but he was very encouraging of us heading his way. And let me tell you, I’m so glad we did.

To be totally honest, Mike Reichner, 71 and his wife Roz are a hell of a lot cooler than any one of us young or old. They pulled up in a custom purple golf cart and rocking a purple earring, we had a long chat about rock ‘n’ roll, travel, farming, living in the moment, etc. These two have worked very hard, and have paid attention to little details, ensuring that their farm is organic, eco-friendly, and a wonderful, relaxed place to visit.

So What’s So Great About Purple Haze Lavender Farm?

We could have stayed and chatted with the charming Mike and the lovely Roz all day, but we had to go see this amazing place they’ve created and ever so kindly invited the public to enjoy. From chilled-out posted rules welcoming you to the garden, to a life-size Jerry Garcia carving hanging on the porch, Purple Haze Lavender Farm has gone out of their way to set a peaceful atmosphere.

purple haze lavender farm

Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to the farm each year, some for a quick selfie, some for an afternoon picnic. Truth is you really can’t go wrong here, plus entrance to the grounds is free! The setting is gorgeous – beyond the rows of impressive lavender is a weeping willow tree and even a superbly kept technicolor garden. The shop is full of high end lavender home and beauty products, and delicious lavender treats including their award winning mustard.

Kids will love the chickens and peacocks. Romance will bloom for couples picking their own lavender. Social media addicts will delight in the selfie opportunities. And everyone can enjoy a tasty local made ice cream with a variety of flavors on offer from lavender lemon chiffon to white chocolate lavender. Feel free to throw down a blanket and enjoy your own picnic. If you want to extend your visit, they have an awesome villa for rent right there amongst the lavender rows. From private weddings to their 3 day music festival, Lavender Daze, Purple Haze truly has a little something for everyone.

purple haze lavender farm

Purple Haze All Around

Whether you’re a Washington state native or visiting the Pacific Northwest, be sure to add Purple Haze Lavender Farm to your must see list. We happened to be on the Olympic Peninsula camping with friends, but when we heard about Sequim’s lavender farms, we thought “why not check it out?” Our “why not check it out” magically turned from a potential bust to an absolute must. We spent a wonderful afternoon on the farm. We hung with the hip owners, wandered the beautiful grounds, tested the luxurious products, picnicked with a stunning view, and devoured the delectable ice cream. All this with the alluring aroma of lavender in the air of course.

Whether you’re looking to explore your own backyard or planning a trip to the great northwest, the lavender farms on the Olympic Peninsula are an absolute must!

purple haze lavender farm

This California girl and her Washington boy highly recommend adding this splash of Purple Haze to your Evergreen State experience!

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