Why Start a Travel Blog Now?

start a travel blog

After more than 4 years on the road and over 60 countries visited, people keep asking us why now? Why after all this time are we finally going to start a travel blog? The truth is, we never wanted to do it before because it would require too much work. Work was the last thing we were looking to add to our plates. The whole reason we started traveling full time to begin with was because work had taken over our lives. We were living to work not working to live, and we were desperate for a change. We needed to take control of our lives.

living in a car start a travel blog Our first seven months on the road, we lived in a car across Australia and New Zealand. We were more or less living off the grid. Neither of us had smart phones, and we barely ever pulled our laptop out of our bag. We were rising and falling with the sun and spending all of our days outside in nature. It was exactly what we needed. We felt alive again – truly alive! Then we ran out of money.

We needed jobs but were not ready to go back home. Instead we headed to Korea to teach English. Our jobs were hard, but our students made it beyond worth it. If you’ve ever thought about teaching English abroad, we could not recommend it more. Life in Korea was the simplest time in our lives. I mean our boss paid our bills for us. Our commute was a 5 minute walk. We were saving a ton of money and had no extra stress weighing us down. In hindsight, we wish we would have started this blog when we were living in Korea for those 15 months, but I think we needed that time to live easy lives for once.

start a travel blogFrom our truly uncomplicated lives in Korea, we jumped into crazy complicated lives of backpacking across Asia, Africa, and Europe. We knew we wanted to start a blog and encourage others to get out there and feel as alive as we felt, but we couldn’t find a way to slow ourselves down long enough to do so. The more places we visited, the more we heard about other places we wanted to explore. We were like addicts looking for our next score. Travel kept getting in the way of blogging. We were writing about our journey and brainstorming about our blog, but we simply weren’t willing to give up our adventures to sit down long enough and start a travel blog.

So why now? Well, I guess the easiest way to put it is, after 4 years of “us time” we’re finally ready to stop being so selfish. We want to help others experience the magic of travel. We want to encourage everyone to get out there and see what this wonderful world has to offer. I don’t know why, but we have this crazy notion that if we start a travel blog we can inspire other people to dream bigger, explore further, and discover more. Weather it’s a weekend trip in your own backyard, a couple week vacation to a new land, or quitting your job to travel full-time like us, you’ll thank yourself. If we can help just one person (hopefully more), all this blog work will be worth it.

So why are we finally going to start a travel blog after all this time? For you! Please, get out there! Go on a hike! Check out a new beach! Plan a trip to a far off land! Dream. Explore. Discover.

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