traveling namibia best and worst

Traveling Namibia

What we loved…

Unparalleled Landscape – We’re talking Mad Max here my friends. Traveling Namibia is an out of this world experience. From red and white sand dunes to salt valleys strewn with haunting trees. Unworldly animals like oryx with 5 foot high horns cross your path. Seuss-like quiver tree forests, moonscape-esque terrain, and shipwrecks washed ashore on the skull coast are all on offer. You can have an enormous and beautiful canyon all to yourself, and are sure to be the only car on endless roads that disappear into the distance. Namibia is stunning, but in such an unconventional way.

Unbeatable Prices – Where else can you sit at the end of a pier, watching the sunset over the crashing waves, at a fancy restaurant, order a surf & turf and a bottle of wine and spend less $20? Namibia is one of the cheapest countries we’ve visited. Seriously, Namibian prices are shockingly low, and the product is still great!

Nature – If you love nature, traveling Namibia is a must! Picture flamingos frolicking the shallow waters of the crystal blue ocean. Imagine honey badgers running past your tent. Envision ostriches galloping through the desert. Or perhaps you should just go see it for yourself – lions, giraffes, elephants, springbok, rhinos, rhinos, rhinos! Namibia never ceases to deliver!

What we didn’t love…

Really Spread Out – There are a lot of really neat places to see and things to do in Namibia, but these places are hundreds of miles apart from each other – down dirt roads, through deserts and over mountains. You’ll spend just as much, if not more time in the car getting to the places you want to visit.

Dirt Roads – I should say that for the most part their dirt roads are in pretty good shape, but when you drive thousands of miles across an entire country and you’re on dirt roads 95% of the time, it can get exhausting…and bumpy..and loud…and dirty….and even scary at times.

Dirt/Sand/Dust Everywhere – Between tromping over sand dunes and driving down dirt roads, it’s almost impossible to keep yourself, your vehicle, and your belongings clean. I’m talking piles of dirt and sand inside our tightly closed trunk, and layers of dirt on your washed that morning skin. It gets into every nook and cranny of everything and there’s no tidyness that can keep up with it.

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